Le TiZi

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Le TiZi

Le TiZi - Traditional Restaurant - Paris

Located near the "Rue Saint-Maur" Metro and the Place Voltaire, the "Tizi" restaurant welcomes you with ease in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Specializes in Oriental cuisine, the restaurant offers a variety of couscous for everyone Royal (4 meat), kebabs, sausages, chicken or vegetarian, and a wide selection of tagines. Salads, appetizers and desserts will accompany these delicious dishes at their fair value. We invite you to consult our map for more information. Note that the property hosts many events throughout the year such as Christmas, New Year's (Eve) and Yennayer (Berber New Year). We also organize weddings, birthdays and anniversaries to availability.

Opening hours

Monday - Sunday

11:30 - 15:00 / 18:30 - 23:30